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A grassed waterway is an excellent option to reduce soil erosion. This grassed waterway is south of Colby, KS. 
Terrace tops are not usually the place to find high yields in your crop land.  By grassing the terrace tops, you provide wildlife habitat and reduce soil erosion in areas that may not have good residue.
This is a field border southwest of Colby, KS.  Ranging from 30' to 120' in width, the border provides excellent wildlife habitat.
Prescribed burning is nature's way of reducing litter in native grass, as well as improving the warm season grass stand.
The District sells bareroot trees, eastern red cedars and a nice selection of nursery grown trees during the spring of each year. If you are interested in purchasing trees, contact the District office.
Debbie participates in the Northwest Kansas Conservation & Environmental Alliance.  A major success of the Alliance is the Kids Conservation Round-up, a water festival for 4th graders in eight counties across NW Kansas. In 2011, over 300 students participated. Pictured are the "Alliance Girls": Megan (Gove Co.), Jeanne (Cheyenne Co.), Sandy (Sherman Co.), Kristy (Rawlins Co.) Debbie (Thomas Co.), Dana (Logan Co.), Bev (Wallace Co.), and Diana (Decatur Co.).
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Colby, Kansas
Soil Health Education in 2016 at Kids Conservation Round-Up.
The Northwest Kansas Conservation and Environmental Alliance host 4th Grade students from 9 counties for a conservation day.
TCCD 2016 Annaul Meeting